Rosa (Professional Translator at Ban Rra Rra)

Havana, Cuba
Rating: Not Rated Yet

"When I met Fraudy he was a teenager starting at Ban Rra Rra and even at that age he was very disciplined, responsible and always had a lot of positive energy. His talent was noticed from the very first day by Isaias, the director of Ban Rra Rra who personally guided Fraudy to become a professional dancer. 
As a dancer, Fraudy is talented, passionate and professional. He is also an excellent teacher who has a lot of knowledge, patience and great ability to teach. 
I have been working as a translator for Ban Rra Rra for many years and during that time I worked with many tours from different countries. But for me, Havana Dance is one of the best I have ever seen. The tour is very well organised and is filled with different dance styles matching to students interests. The classes are fun, well structured and offer great learning environment. At the end of every course, students always feel extremely satisfied. 
Another thing that makes Havana Dance unique is that Fraudy always asks for suggestions and feedback from his students as well as the dancers in order to make the tour even better."