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More Rumba & Son Workshops in August

More Rumba & Son Workshops in August

Cuban Son and Rumba Workshop  Saturday 25th of August

Following request to run more workshops, we have organised another weekends of authentic, energetic cuban workshops.


 Classes times 

Cuban Son: 1 pm - 2 pm 
Rumba: 2 pm - 3 pm


Online: $50 for two workshops 
At the Door: $30 per hour and $60 if you do two classes


This will be a weekend of unforgettable moment of creativity so do not miss out!!!


Cuban Son: Traditional Son the mother of Salsa and beautiful to watch, very elegant and full of tricks. Cuban Son will help you to improve your posture and frame, to lead better or position yourself better and much more.

Cuban Rumba : It is a dance style which helps you to express yourself and flavouring your feel of the music. It is sensual and provocative and movements involve every part of your body, a total body experience.

Open to All Levels