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Term 5 will commence on 25th June

Term 5 will commence on 25th June

Our next term is starting in two weeks time.. Here is an overview of our timetable..


Mondays at Leichhardt

6.30 pm - Salsa Cubana Level 2 A &2B

7.30 pm - Open Class- Salsa

Wednesdays at Abraham Mott Hall, Millers Point

6.30 pm - Salsa Cubana Foundation & Salsa Cubana Level 3

7.30 pm - Salsa Cubana Level 2B & Salsa Cubana Level 2C

Thursdays at City Dance Studios, George Street 

7.00 pm - Salsa Cubana Foundation & Open Class- Salsa

8.00 pm - Salsa Cubana Level 2A & Rueda de Casino

For more information on our timetable, click here. To book online and enjoy early bird discount click here