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Fast Track Your Learning and Expand Your Repertoire

One of the things we love the most about running a dancing school is to see our students making friends and going out social dancing. And of course, we love being part of the fun, so we go out with them! Every month we go out dancing, run our own studio party, practice our social dancing and organise other stuff as an excuse for more fun! We also run workshops on specific skills our students want to learn or on different styles that can be incorporated to their repertoire. Join us for a night out, everyone is welcome!

Havana Dance Academy Offers


Join an extended workshop and dance the day away! We invite you for a fun-filled afternoon of infectious music and high energy fun. Keep an eye on our schedule to find out when we are holding our next Cuban Dance workshop.

Our workshops aimed at giving our students an opportunity to explore new styles of dancing styles and accelerate their development to improve their dancing faster. Our workshops are fun, educational and a great experience for all levels of dancers.

Thorough the year we run workshops to cover specifics aspects of the Cuban dance such as turn patters or styling other times we have workshops on styles that are not part of our timetable, but that are pretty fun to learn and that can be added to your dancing such as Rumba, Afro Cuban or Son Like

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Upcoming Workshops

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Student Nights Out

One of the best things of taking class at Havana Dance is to go out social dancing. That means going out with your classmates to a Latin Dance club and rocking the dance floor. Social dancing is also one of the most effective ways to fast track your learning process, as you have the chance to practice and solidify the steps you learn in classes.

Join us for a night out!

Performance Courses

Join us for this exhilarating journey of dance for thrilling opportunities to perform live on stage!

All our choreographies will boost your dancing to the next level, as you will acquire or improve essential dance skills ranging from body movement, spins, stage presence, lines, technique and accurate footwork!

Just email through an enquiry and we’ll have a chat about your goals and what we can do together!

Social Sundays

Our social dancing classes – or our Social Sundays as call it – are open to all levels and are held at Glebe Town hall last Sunday of every month from 1 pm to 3 pm .

They are fun and relaxed the perfect environment for you to try your recently learned steps and feel more confident when you go out social dancing. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you to know your classmates. Don’t miss out!