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Dance Styles


One of many Afro-Cuban dance styles in existence, Rumba is a combination of African movement and drumming traditions, and Spanish music. Rumba is thought to originate from the slave populations of Western Cuba in the 19th Century. The music served as an expression of frustration over social and racial inequalities.

There are three main forms of the dance:

Yambú - known as "the old people's Rumba" because of its slow tempo and dance moves that feign frailty.

Guaguancó - a couple dance of sexual competition between the male and female. The female moves seductively to the rhythms, opening and closing her skirt while the male attempts to distract her with his body movements until he is ready to vacunao (vaccinate) her. The female needs to block the vacunao by covering her groin area with her hand.

Columbia - danced by males only, Columbia is fast, energetic, sensual and has acrobatic movements. The dancers express themselves through improvisation.