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Rueda De Casino

Originating in Havana, Rueda (Spanish for "wheel') is a style of Cuban Salsa where several couples dance in a circle. The dance moves are called by one person, and the couples dance a specific pattern before swapping partners.

Rueda originally comes from the French Contradanza, which was famous in the 18th Century and was very popular at Cuban society balls. Rueda de Casino became a national phenomenon after Rosendo, choreographer and dancer of the “Ballet de la Television Cubana”, presented it in the televising program Para Bailar in 1980.

Minimum two couples are required to dance the Rueda de Casino, but there is no upper limit to how many couples there can be. When dancing Rueda, it is important not to do too many or too complex turns. The leader’s originality can be shown by leading the "wheel" gracefully and creatively, decorating the instructions with expressions or small stories, which make the Rueda a dynamic, vibrant and spicy experience.